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Prepare to Stand

Lenten Study - February 19 to April 16, 2023


The Prepare to Stand video series has been created to help Christians prepare for difficulties that we believe lie ahead of us. In each video, Pastor Andrew Brunson adds practical insights from his time of suffering for his faith in a Turkish prison and his life as a pastor in a non-Christian world.


Each week we viewed the 15 to 20-minute video and then spend the rest of the time discussing the ideas presented. The emphasis was not to focus on what persecution may be coming but rather to concentrate on preparing people to be ready for whatever persecution they may experience. The goal was to encourage believers to be firmly connected to God, to be rooted in God’s Word, and to be trusting in the faithfulness and power of God.

I have linked below the materials that I created for the series.

Andrew's Song - Worthy of My All (lyrics)

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