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For many years I had hoped to be able to sell my photographs. However, the more I learned about all the work involved in this prospect, the less I thought I wanted to invest in it. So, I have decided to share some of my favorite pictures with the world through the photo-sharing site Pixabay. Photos on this site can be freely downloaded and used by people. 

In 2012 I took a Web Design course at Roberts with several of my students from the CS program. The course was taught by an adjunct professor that actually worked in the field of web design. I knew some very basic HTML but I learned how to use CSS and other more advanced tools in the class. We also discussed user experience a lot in the class and understood how the interaction with the user should flow from one page to others.


We had to do a final project for the course. The link above will take you to my project. My favorite part of this project was the pages that I created to share my photographs. I used a film motif where the thumbnails were displayed in a form that looks like 35mm film. The user can click on any picture and see an larger version of the picture with a short description below.

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