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The Rollout 
of the Messiah:

from Eden to Ascension
by James A. Blaine

From the book cover:


This study originated in trying to better understand the reason for the opposition by the various Jewish authorities, in that 1st century, to the person and ministry of Jesus Christ, their promised Messiah, as noted in John 1:11 - “He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him."

Introduction to these questions:

These materials are designed to provide reflection and discussion points for individuals and small groups. There is also a Guide for people who are new to the story of the Bible. These materials were written by Rob Willhoft, the author's son-in-law.  

MESSIAH - Cover.jpg

These questions are designed to give the individual reader additional directions for contemplation. Most of these questions don't have "right" answers but attempt to lead the reader to a deeper understanding of Jesus as our Messiah and the story of the preparation for and reaction to his coming.

This guide builds on the Questions for Individual Study with some additional ideas for starting discussions in small groups.

New to the Bible Story

Coming soon

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