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I worked for 25 years at IBM in Endicott, NY doing engineering and programming. In 2003, I left IBM to pursue a lifetime dream of teaching. I accepted a position in the CS department at Roberts and began my second career as a Professor of Computer Science. In May of 2022, I retired from teaching.


I am married to Faith and we have two grown children - Blaine and Adrienne. Blaine lives in Oak Park, near Chicago, with our two grandchildren - Galen and Colin. Adrienne lives in Huntingdon, PA. Faith and I live near Churchville, NY, west of Rochester.

I think one of my greatest joys is teaching. As I have entered retirement, I continue to teach adult Bible Study at our church and have started a technology class for homeschooled students that meets each Thursday afternoon.


I also enjoy travel. We traveled a lot as a family as I was growing up. I had visited many of the states east of the Mississippi by the time I was 16. As of right now, I have visited 36 states. One of the goals on my bucket list is to visit every state.


These are places I have visited outside the USA and Canada:

  • London, Kenya, Greece, Switzerland, and Germany (1970)

  • St. Petersburg, Russia (1992)

  • Hong Kong and China (1996)

  • London and Kenya (2010)

  • London and Paris (May 2015)


These are just a few of the other things that I enjoy:

  • Photography​

  • Technology

    • Sound equipment and acoustics

    • Radio and Television

    • Electronics

    • Computers

  • Cooking and eating out

  • Music

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